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Arrival of Summer…..

May 30th, 2013 at 7:10 am by Terri Aubain

It’s hard to believe Memorial Day is already behind us.  I always think of Memorial Day as the true arrival of summer, a busy season when many of the families I work with are anxious to be settled before the new school year arrives.

I hope you’re well and enjoyed a little rest and relaxation on the long Memorial Day Weekend.  The smell of BBQs in the air and the sounds of kids playing is always a fortunate reminder of how much we have to be thankful for in our community.

This year I was also heartened to see people remember those families throughout history who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom we’re enjoying this summer.  Sadly, we do not have to look very far into the past to remember those who have died.  We have people in our community who have recently lost fathers, daughters, sons, and mothers.

Even though Memorial Day has passed, I encourage you to continue to show your respect and appreciation for those families whose loved ones will not be returning to them.  Invite them to enjoy fellowship with you throughout the year.   Honor them and honor their soldiers by holding up a mirror to show the generous, grateful community we live in.

It’s also not too late to teach our children that Memorial Day means more than a long weekend.  Why not take an evening soon to explore some websites which talk about the history of Memorial Day?  (The History Channel is a good place to start:

May your summer be a reward and a reminder to appreciate the big picture.  All my best to you and yours.  Keep in touch.

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